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Patient Testimonials

"I want to thank all of you for making me well again. You have a wonderful staff there and I would recommend anyone to come to you."

Joanne L

“Staff at Mt. Pleasant location is well trained and see to the appropriate needs of their patient. They are most courteous, kind and pleasant to work with.”

Kenneth R

" I have been a patient of theirs for several years. Through two car accidents I have recieved superior results. Their physical therapy sessions are excellent and their hands on approach along with the home exercise program, give you the chance to heal and get the strength in your body for everyday tasks. They have improved my life. "

Cheryl N

“Super staff! The fish kinda had an attitude, but other than that… Excellent group of people who genuinely care about their patients! Well educated and extremely nice as well! I am extremely impressed and satisfied.”

“Professional and friendly. Willingness to help when possible.”

Paula J

" I've been coming to CMR for several years for many different reasons. Each time I am always greeted with friendly and smiling faces. All of the staff members are great. Everytime that I've had to come I am very pleased with my outcome. "

Kim D

“During my time at CMR, I liked how all the staff worked together as a team to help and all others as needed, while still making rehab fun!! I thank CMR for all you do.”

Thomas C

“This place is amazing. When we needed to start physical therapy on my son’s arm that he broke I was very nervous but all the folks at CMR are awesome and caring and have patience of a saint.”

Katie H

" The staff at CMR have shown me the proper training ( exercises ) that my back and arms need to function.  Their knowledge, care and attention to detail have been outstanding.  The staff is friendly and I actually look forward to coming into physical therapy!  Thank you CMR."
Cheryl T

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